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Horse riding tour 10 days

Horse riding and hiking tours
"Unknown Armenia"

Day 1
Arrive to Yerevan; 1.5 hour drive to Yenokavan; On-place accommodation in ARC Apaga (Homer); Supper, Seeing of stabling and horses.

Day 2
Breakfast; Short horse-riding exercises; Horse riding from Homer to Bertagegh; "Mountain lunch"; Returning to "Homer" cottage town (traveling time – not less then 5 hours); Rest and supper.

Day 3
Breakfast; 3 hours horse-riding from Homer to Okon; Highland apiary lunch (fishing and swimming at the mountain river are available there); Trekking up to "Ripsimzaghbyur" spring water source, what is famous with its female healing power; Supper; Overnight rest in camping or in Okon village (shower, hot water, and warm toilet are provided there).

Day 4
Breakfast; Riding through the highland fields, coppice and river from Berzener to Kamut; These places are just made for horse ridings! Lunch at spring water site; Then, there are two opportunities available: to move back to Okon (aprox. 3.5-4 hours), or to set up camping near by Kamut.

Day 5
Option 1: Breakfast; ride from Okon to Homer (the route does not repeat for 3 days, (average time of journey is 3 hours).
Option 2: Breakfast; ride from Kamut to Okon and then to Homer (the riding time is about 5 hours long); Lunch at the Yetaghpyur spring, healing water of that gives youth and strength; For those who still be ready to go we can offer tracking from Homer to Chanchikar (The Stone of Fly) and back; Supper and overnight rest in Homer.

Day 6
Breakfast; 1 hour ride from Homer to Kanacher; Lunch in Nvezner cave; Further, from Yenokavan village we are going to perform 3.26 km/2 miles ascent by a field-path to the place called Bergategh (Place of Fortress) – an old destroyed stronghold on 1651 m/1 mile altitude; This rout does not repeat the way for two days; The path enters forest and starts descent to Lagzi Pos (alt. 1559 m/1705 yards; The path is going on its descent down to Agrach river, on the altitude 1460 m/1597 yards; Then alternating ascends and descends are following and the travelers find themselves by Torkoi Er cave (alt. 1431 m/1565 yards); Amazing sights! Pictures-taking is strongly recommended; Camping is scheduled on Plolik Urt; Rest, supper and night passing.

Day 7
Breakfast in Plolik Urt camping; The rout of this day consists of alternating ascends (up to 1800 m/1.1 miles) and descends (down to 1600 m/1750 yards by fields and partly by forests; Through Yeguniki Er to Ditavani Sar; The basic feature of this day are the beautiful sights; Later on, a camping is scheduled nearby Harsnakar; cloth to a spring; Time spent in saddle – 5 hours; This is one of the most impressive days of the journey; The mountain sights that remain in our memories for good.

Day 8
Breakfast in Harsnakar Camping; From here descend by fields to Shesheri Aghbyur (alt. 1703 m/1 mile) begins; Henceforth the descend goes by a woody road, but already by high and light woods – Samsoni Antar (The forest of Samson) till the crotch taking to Samsonavank; This is a Church of XIII century; The distance from crotch to Samsonavank is 538 m/588 yards; We will pass this distance on foot; The crotch’s altitude is 1411 m/1543 yards and the road goes along a beautiful canyon of a river basin; There are couple of small, but cute waterfalls on the river; At one of them a lunch is scheduled; We are going to cross the river three times and ascent to Deghcut monastery, constructed in XII-XIII centuries; Here we are going to settle a camp; Supper, rest and passing the night.

Day 9
Starting point is Deghdzut monastery; After a breakfast, we are going to ride for 3 km/1.9 miles by a woody road to come to Chalkhosh (alt. 887 m/970 yards); Then the road curls for 4 km/2.5 miles along the river to come to Acharkut (alt. 767 m/839 yards), where riding part of the trip ends.
Here we are parting to horses and performing a drive to Ijevan; Here we are going to visit beautiful market place; It is full of variegated fruits and local delicacies in summertime; By wharf, we are going to reach the Sculpture’s Park – The unique achievement of the Soviet Epoch; Sculptors from all the Union were meeting here to create from the famous Ijevan stone; The only condition for participation was to leave a sculpture in Ijevan; Here lunch in Summer Cafe is appointed.
Further, we are going to drive to Dilijan with a call to Gosh, where seeing of Goshavank monastery is appointed; There from we continue our move to Dilijan, where we will be appointed for overnight stay in B&B.

Day 10
Breakfast; Drive to Sevan Lake; Excursion on Sevan peninsula with a sight-seeing of Sevan Monastery; Pictures-taking; Swimming; Lunch (just caught fish, baked on open carbones); Drive to Yerevan; Airport.

Price: € 673
The price includes
  • Excursions
  • Hikes and Ridings
  • Conductor’s services
  • 3 meals a day
  • DBL accommodation in cottages/tiny houses and tents
  • All the transportations
The price does not include
  • Overflight and Harbour Dues
  • Alcohol
  • Personal Expenses
It is hot and sunny in Armenia at summer, but at mountains weather is quite broken. Nights there could be pretty cold, but during afternoon t-shirts are well-timed. Ideal could be long sleeve shirts with high collar covering hands and neck against sun and wind. Also, a wind-cheater, a sweater, 2 pairs of sportive foot-wear, socks, a bays-ball cap, sun-glasses and sunblock are essential.


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