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Trip by Armenia 14 days

Journey by Armenia (Active Rest and Tourism)

Day 1
Arriving to Yerevan and transportation to Sevan (Gegharkunik reg.); Seeing of Sevan monastery of IV century at the peninsula of Sevan Lake; In the monastery complex cross-couple Churches of IX century have preserved, what belfries on the background of blue sky are notable for long distances; These Churches are: Saint Karapet (the small one) and Saint Arakeloc (the big one); The year of construction – 874 A.D.
Lunch is scheduled on the Lake shore; Transportation to the last destination point of Day 1 – Dilijan (Tavush reg.); Overnight stay at the B&B; Supper.

Day 2
Breakfast; Trip on a vehicle to Agarcin (Tavush reg.) then hiking to the monastery through a beautiful canyon along a river; The destination point is Agarcin monastery; The monastery complex was built in XI century, except the cross-cupola charge of Saint Grigor; On the monastery's territory the charges of Blessed Virgin (1281) and Saint Stepanos (1244) have remained; Besides, burial-Vault of Bagratid kings family, chapel of XIII century, monastery refectory (1248) and other monastery quarters still can be surveyed.
Not far away from the monastery refectory katnakhunz is baked (something like donut – extremely tasty!); Anyway, it is better not to break up the appetite, cause on the way back we are going to visit the trout farm! Variegated trout live there in crystal water from mountain spring, and please be assured – we know how to cook it!
On the way back we can try to look for remaining of loamy pipe, what used to serve as a conduit for delivery of milk from fields to the village.
Supper and night-lodging is planed in Dilijan.
The total journey is 36 km/22.4 miles
Differences of altitudes is about 500m/0.5 yard

Day 3
Breakfast; Hiking to Krana Takht.; Seeing of Khachkar’s Repair Shop and chapel in beech forest (3 hours). “Trippin’ Lunch”.

Day 4
Breakfast; 3 hours long hike through Lastiver caves to Okon; Lunch Ripsime Aghbyur (Spring of Ripsime), what is famous for its healling power (mostly recommended for women; Seeing of Okonokhach Church; Supper at a highland apiry; Overnight stay in tents by Okon.

Day 5
Breakfast; Descending through Berzener to Homer; Amazing rout! It’s beginning on 1980m/1.2 miles and goes to 1200m/1312 yards; Lunch; Farther, by the “Red Path” of the Great Yenokavan Canyon hike from Kanacher to Nvezer; Stay in tinny camp-houses of ARC “Apaga” in Homer.

Day 6
Breakfast; Vehicular trip to Sevkar (Black Stone); Seeing of Makaravank and Kiranc monasteries (about 1.5 hourse of walking); Lunch; Drive to Vanadzor (Lori reg.); Break at Akhpat monastery; Then, through Gyumri return to Yerevan; The road reminds moonscape; Desolate mountains accompany us almost all the way back and only vivid green Irelands of gardens remind us that we are still on Mother-Earth; Supper; Overnight stay in Yerevan.

Day 7
Breakfast; Excursion by Yerevan; Conducted tours to Armenian History Museum and to the National Gallery of Armenia; Visit for an open day, where you also can purchase local souvenirs; Overnight lodging in Yerevan.

Day 8
Breakfast; Visiting of Churches of Saint Martyrs Ripsime and Gayane (VII cent.), the Name Church Cathedral in Echmiadzin (303 A.D.), Sardarapat historical complex and the ruins of Temple of Watching Forces - Zvartnotc (VII cent.), what was destroyed by a mighty earthquake in 939; Overnight stay is scheduled in Yerevan.

Day 9
Trip by vehicles to the pagan temple of Garni (I-III cent.); The only memorial for Hellenism epoch in Armenia; Then tour to Geghard monastery, what first buildings have been constructed already in IV century; Return to Yerevan; Trip to Matenadaran; Passing the night in Yerevan.

Day 10
Early get up; Breakfast and departure to Aragac Mountain; Visiting of Sagmosavank and Ovanavank; Later on - the rise; We will pass by the rock where Armenian alphabet is gouged up; Then will pass through the forest and eventually debus at the Weather Station; There from we will undertake 5 hours long hike to Ambert (alt. 2300m/1.4 miles); There are many flowers on this Plato and it is very beautiful in April; The lunch is scheduled in Ambert; Afterwords we will return back to Yerevan.

Day 11
Breakfast; Visit to Areni Church by vehicle, then trip to Khor-Virap monastery at the boarder with Turkey on the foot of Ararat scriptural mountain (alt. - 5165m/3.1 miles); Tasting of wines in Areni; Later on, trip to Yeghegnadzor ; Visit to Noravank monastery; Supper and overnight stay at B&B near by Areni village.

Day 12
Breakfast; Vehicular journey to Sisian; Visit to ancient observatory Karaunj in Sisian (4000 B.C.), seeing of first forms of monumental architecture: Table-stones of Zorac Karer (Mighty Stones); Farther, trip by car to Tatev monastery; Seeing of Tatev University of XIII century and swinging stele of X century; Driving to Goris; Supper; Overnight lodging at B&B in Goris.

Day 13
Breakfast; Seeing of the old city and the cave site of ancient settlement Khndzoresk; Departure to Yerevan.

Day 14
Breakfast; Excursion to the Jewelry Market; Parting Yerevan; Take off.

The price includes:
  • DBL Dwelling in:
                 - B&B (1st, 10th and 12th days)
                 - Stone houses at the bases of “Apaga”(2nd, 3rd and 5th day)
                 - Tents (4th and 11th)
                 - Hotels in Yerevan (Olympia, Metropol, Congress) – 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 13th days
  • Meal:
                 - FB – 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th and 12th days
                 - B+L – 6th, 9th and 13th days
                 - B – 7th and 14th days
                 - D – 1 day
  • All transportations to the sites
  • Guide services


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