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Climbing the Azhdahak

The route was designed by APAGA Tour with Albert Babelyan.

The attractiveness of Armenia for travelers who prefer active relaxation, defined in such a well-known fact, like the mountains. Diversity and otherness of the mountains in different parts of Armenia and at different altitudes prompted us to new campaigns, which have developed into new routes. All routes offered by APAGA Tour, passed not only by our guides and tours, but also managers, directors and architects of the project APAGA. Therefore, we represent the fact that not only saw themselves, but also passed along, touched and photographed. And declare responsibly - it is absolutely necessary to see!

Climbing the Azhdahak, vishaps and petroglyphs.

The two-day trip that begins in the valley of the Azat river at an altitude of about 2000m, where we come from Yerevan by car (it takes about 1 hour).

The rise in the mountains is light, tents and all other equipment is moved to a parking lot on the car. Vishaps, Azhdahak, mountain tour APAGA Tour.

6 km - Lake VankiGel, which in the Middle Ages belonged to the monastery Geghard. That the ministers of the monastery was determined when and how to use water for irrigation of nearby lands. Near the lake at an altitude of 2,729 m there are two stone vishaps, according to legend, protected springs, and the house from evil forces. (We were told that these amazing stones re-opened for the Armenian children from the company vishaps Advenches, they have established vishaps in the correct upright position).

An easy way for fans trekking to Medjugorje brings us to the summer dwellings Yezidis - pastoralists. Their tents tents at the foot of the mountains Erakatar, Paytasar, at an altitude of 2874m Kzyller. Here we break camp.

Half an hour later our driver Arsen (he is among the ten best drivers in the mountains and off the road) is drinking coffee in a tent Yezidis and speculates about the prospects of marrying a Yezidi girl. Indeed, it has lots of advantages: the girls attend school up to grade 6, and then prepared for marriage. In the 14-15 years are married (by choice of parents, but consenting to the groom). No preliminary courtship. Creates a strong family with many children.

Round mountain Azhdahak, Apaga Tour

Arsene leaving the care of the Yezidi families, we went in search of pertoglifov to the foot of the mountain.

Paytasa.r Very beautiful green mountain with a huge red eagle (us exactly how it seemed) of volcanic rock. Green gentle slopes of the mountain, as if specially prepared for the game of golf. Groomed flocks are working better than any lawn mower. Only a very short season.

We have not found petroglyphs here, but acclimation at an altitude of about 3000m was successful. Yet we were lucky with the weather, sunny, slight breeze, cool. Evening to the sounds of Yazidis, songs and dances of the kids, stories about how the blind all the workers who developed a stone quarry on Kzyller - the sacred mountain, which can not be touched. On top of it - Portakar - a place of worship of women who dream of a baby. Only here do not get the wood, so the fire complexity. Yes, and wind the night deepened. Round mountain, Azhdahak, Armenia.

In the morning began to lift Azhdahak. 1,5 hours of quiet recovery along the creek to the foot at 3 300m. From here begins the first steep climb, just 326m, but the angle of elevation of about 60 degrees. From this it can be seen Azhdahak, and left a mountain of red volcanic rock interspersed with snow in the hollows. After the first lift at 3437m overlooking the VankiGel, all the neighboring mountains. The wind is becoming stronger, not just cool, and cold and the top Azhdahak next. Weak and sick continue to go. Last Edny segment of the ascent 901m from 3437 to 3601m. And now the top. Oval lake in the crater of extinct Top, APAGA-Turshego volcano, formed by melt water. The lake water is warm. Around flowers and red sand. Amazing views of Lake Sevan, Paytasar, Aknalich. From the summit crater is visible perfectly round, with sharp edges, not very clear origin. To someone who does not believe in aliens, have to admit the theory of a fallen meteorite (we have done).

The weather is changing every minute. We caught the sun's rays, rain, sleet and sunshine again. Froze all. But the sense of conquest albeit small, but the top, very nice.

Descent to the camp fees and a new approach to the petroglyphs. They definitely somewhere nearby. We passed about 3 miles and, finally, Petroglyphs, Armenia, the expedition APAGA Touruvideli these images in stone, which, as Albert said, do not be confused with anything. Goat, people, and the whole "telegram". These images quite a lot in Armenia, the Caucasus, across the globe. But this feeling overwhelms us from meeting with such a distant and not entirely clear history does not become smaller.

We have achieved the main goals of our campaign, rose.

on Azhdahak saw vishaps and petroglyphs. Very unusual, beautiful, cool.

We get down to 1667 m and break camp. But that's another Voshozhdnie, crater Azhdahak, Apaga Tour history. Here you can return to Yerevan, spending on the road no more than 2 hours, and can continue the way we did.


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