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Ervand Kochar

      Ervand Kochar(1899-1979) was one of the active reformers of modern art, an artist of bold revolutionary concepts. In his paintings, however, there is much that derives from the classical manner.
      An exhibition of the artist's works was shown in Tiflis. Two years later, in 1923, he left for Paris wishing to try his luck in this mecca of world art. Finding himself in this ocean of art, amidst thousands of artists from all parts of the world, Kochar managed to survive. His great capacity for work, eye for the new and thirst for knowledge helped him to acquaint himself with the great legacy of the past and the tendencies prevailing in the contemporary art. Very soon Kochar became an active participant in the current artistic work and was received in the circle of the leading masters.
       Kochar's paintings were exhibited in the best salons of Paris, in Holland and France, in the American Museum of Modern Art. They were discussed by the leading critics and scholars of art. But the artist's heart was in his homeland. His friend Eghishe Charents, a well-known poet, once remarked: "In Armenia your stand will be as high as that of the Eiffel Tower in Paris". In 1936 Kochar returned to Yerevan. The air of the native land had an invigorating effect on him. The very spirit of his art changed.
      The Armenian artist was not fortune's favourite and his life was not easy. Yet his art, inspired by noble and selfless humanism, has overcome all obstacles. It has come to us through the years and we pay tribute to the magnitude of his talent.

      Ervand Kochar Museum

      The Museum was built during the lifetime of the artist, next to his home and studio. Since 1967, it has operated as a branch of the National Art Gallery. The top and middle floors of this three-storey building exhibit paintings from 1898 - 1970, and the ground floor displays the artist’s drawings. Following the artist’s death in 1972, his studio also became a part of the museum. 80 paintings donated by the artist make up the core of the collection. Subsequent donations and acquisitions augmented the collection to 170.
Address: 39/12 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan


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