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Hermit's Path

One of the tourist mountain routes in Yenokavan (Active leisure)

Tourist itinerary “Hermits' Path” is starting on the altitude of 1300m with the plateau of the same name. On the way from village one will see amazing nature memorial – gigantic landslide, named Pulek, which was generated in the very beginning of the last century. The huge stone mass broken away from the rock had to get over few dozens meters before turning today to a original monument of earth gravitation. Further on the route goes through dense forest. On their way the lovers of mountain active leisure can meet the inhabitants of the forests – raccoon, badger, fox, rarely – forest cat, lynx, weasel and stone marten. Farther one can meet wolf and brown bear. Rich is also the ornithofauna of the surroundings – partridge, mountain redpoll. Territory of the forest is one of the main areas of golden eagle spreading in Armenia . Here there are also many birds of prey – eagle, hawk, eagle-owl, black kite.
The path goes on the edge of Khachakhbyur canyon and opens the unique panorama with caves hidden behind the velvet of trees and pointed rock juts. The itinerary consists of some forks, each one of which takes to solitary rock niche, where the observation posts of 13 th c. partisans were located. The main road takes down, to the remarkable stone steps, which take to beautiful sight: forest disappears unexpectedly and makes way for bare stone path called Qarahet.
From one side the lovers of active mountain leisure are accompanied by the huge vertical stone wall, and from the other side – deep gulf. Having passed 200 meters of Qarahet one reaches forest again, where halt will take place, with a beautiful view to rock grottos and gulf, called “Donkey”. Here the lightly sloping itinerary of “Hermits” becomes steeper, although one cannot call it almost insuperable.
Fantastic world, which is revealed to traveler who had passed the slope, is amazing: “Devil's bridge” - as a product of nature architecture, connecting solitary stone juts, leads traveler to the very bottom of the gorge, where the “workshop” of nameless genius of middle ages is located, who bequeathed to descendants excellent works on the stone walls of ANAPAT – unique cave complex, located on the shore of rapid river Khachakhbyur with many waterfalls. National theologians and poets of early Christianity epoch secluded themselves from mundane fuss in such cave complexes – Anapats, where they were giving themselves up to religious monologues and acts of purifying.
The complex itself consists of 2 big monuments. First of them, to which leads the “Devil's Bridge” is called Small Anapat and is a two-storeyed construction of 13 th c. carved in a cave. The territory is known also under a second name – Lastiver.
Small Anapat is a absolutely wonderful creation of man's hands. The images of famous zoomorphic symbols of Christianity – God's lambs, as well as subjects from scene of “good torments”, dating back to pagan times but adapted to canons of new religion, have something in common and harmony, with carved crosses and images of saint martyrs. The second floor of the cave complex, where the travelers can get through narrow 3-meter passage cut in a stone, also casts highly artistic motifs. Exactly in such cells medieval Armenian poets were creating.


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