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Route Gomer - Lusadzor-Khashtarak hiking / combined

Date: year round
Length of route: 16 km
Vertical Drop: 1330 - 630 m
Journey time: 5-6 hours
Especially interesting for those tourists who are interested in archeology.

On the route go through the northern gate of the base. The road initially passes through Proleski, hills, meadows and arable land. The first stop is at the recently excavated churches. History is as follows. In the middle of the meadows lay a bunch of rocks, buried in the ground. Ordinary stones, no cross-stones. But for some reason the place is revered by locals as sacred. Mystery solved conscripts from the stands a few miles of a military unit. He asked to be allowed in their spare time to do excavations. And it turned out, under the ground there is a church and a lot of cross-stones, and graves with tombstones. Excavations are continuing.

Next on our path lies Asthablur, Star Hill, or Hill of Stars, 1116 m above sea level. It is there now a hill, and was formerly a fortress. And the walls of the fortress are reviewed under the roots of trees. Excavations are not conducted ...

Very beautiful place, beautiful view of the surroundings.

Just 30 minutes walk from Asthablura we find ourselves at the edge of the gorge, 900m above sea level. The descent into the gorge calm, smooth. Vegetation changes and now we face stones, overgrown with thick moss, trees, entwined with evergreen vines. At the bottom of the gorge runs a river, fed by springs. And here we meet a faithful assistant to the villagers - a donkey.

Further road runs along the very beautiful place, proof that the set-equipped recreation facilities for local residents. Imperceptibly, we find ourselves at the village Lusadzor that will surprise you with an abundance and variety of vegetables growing there. A little more patience and you have a garden, where you can rip and eat your fruit vending.


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