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Horse Homer - Dehtsnut - Harsnakar

Horse route flowering meadows

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Distance: 90 km
Date: April - November
Horse for advanced riders

The route starts at the Club recreation APAGA. We leave and the upper gate of copses to the zone of meadows to the little town Ttujur. On the way, must go 2 the ford to pass through the gorge next to the eagles nest mountain to the parking, which is split into 50 m from the forest near the spring Ttujur. Water in a spring that has healing power, great thirst quencher, has a rejuvenating effect. Travel time on the first day, about 4 hours.

The next day begins with a delicious porridge, cooked in fresh milk from a nearby pasture, and flavored tea from the mint and thyme. Purpose of the second day's journey - the monastery Dehtsut lost in the woods at an altitude of 1204m. Putting up tents and move to an open space, a drowning man in the grasses before Harsnakar about 3 hours. Put up tents, make snack and light continues to move to Dehtsutu. From the campsite goes downhill through meadows to Shsheri Ahryur 1703m, on the descent continues along a forest road, but for high light woods Samson Antar to the fork in the Samsonavank. Until Samsonavanka distance 538 m, it is easy to overcome this distance and see the 13 th century church, which is not included in any guide to Armenia.

From the fork at an altitude of 1411m the road goes through the woods next to the beautiful gorge of the river bed, mostly downhill, alternating with short ascent up the river to a height of 1,116 m. The river is a pair of small but very pretty waterfalls. Pathway in three places crosses a river. Have time to freshen up and relax in the shade.

Then comes the segment of the ascent to the monastery Dehdzut 12-13 age, height 1204m. Go to the monastery there are practically no roads. Hurricane in 2005 knocked many beech trees, some of them fell to the damaged dome of the monastery. We hasten to watch while you still have that. The last leg of their journey on foot. Back to camping Harsnakar. Journey time 4 hours. Long and very beautiful day.

On the morning of the third day collect tents, have breakfast (not less tasty porridge cooked with milk and other pastures) and move to pasture TsahkotUrt. The route of the day passes at altitudes up to 2000m. Beautiful "aggressive" mountains, open spaces, blooming meadows. Halt make a small brook, which later and wade. The following walks by the woods, followed by open pastures. We return to Homer by PstiSar. Travel time of the day 5-6 hours.


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