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      Ijevan       And 35 kilometres down the Agstev Valley from Dilizhan bring! us to Ijevan where a trade route used to pass in olden times. No doubt that is why "Ijevan" means "inn" in Armenian. These were the "gates" of Armenia. Caravans loaded with the riches of the Orient found a welcome rest here. Travellers approaching the town today will spot from afar the high-rise hotel among the mountains.
      As in all the towns of Armenia, great changes have taken place in Ijevan in Soviet times. It was a leading producer of carpets in Transcaucasia. The Ijevan Carpet Factory put out about one million square metres of carpeting a year. Besides this, the town had a lumber mill and a bentonite factory.
      The Ijevan Region was also famed for its grapes, fruit and high quality tobacco. The mountain rivers had been used to build several large water reservoirs and a ramified irrigation network.


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