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Our Projects

       Project Apaga, like entire terrestrial, it needs territory. Make it possible to describe, where to be located Apaga’s earth. Dilijan city is well known to the peoples of the former Soviet Union, for which the large human thanks to Georgiy Daneliya!!! His beautiful and good film “Mimino” together with the means of Rubik from Dilijan, magnificently played by Frunzik Mkrtcyan, already more than 20 years associates Dilijan with all fact, which is dear to any person. Dilijan is actually good, beautiful, desired for stay and leisure City. It is true that the ten-year “wind of changes” slightly pulled it, but, nevertheless, the townspeople finally understood with the election of new mayor (Zhora Sakhabalyan), that the future its city depends only on them, and they began to live!
       There is a Radiotekhnikum region in Dilijan, near which - small field, where we carried out entire our childhood playing the football, chasing bicycle… Environments of Radiotekhnikum, including “nursery” (small forest-park on the slope) - this is “urban” part of Apaga earth. And it is called - “DASHT” (from the Armenian - field). Like any earth (to avoid from the political charges we will not use a word “country”), Apaga requires not only the city, but also in the village, agricultural and hunting land, places for the jaunt. These earth are concentrated near the village Enoqavan, that in 40 km (along the motor road) from Dasht. On foot, through the beautiful mountain paths, the urban and rural parts of Apaga are connected with 15 km by the zone of free walking and active leisure. On the following pages grandpa Artash will describe about Enoqavan. Like any history, the history of grandpa Artash does not pretend to the absolute truth. This is history in his account. In proportion to entering we with the pleasure will publish the history of Enoqavan in your account. Do not criticize, and write.
      I forgot. On Apaga earth there are no militiamen, bodyguards, censors. People here live, highly valuing its personal freedom and, accordingly, respecting the personal freedom of other. Live freely, and do not prevent other from living freely! Here is our motto. And still nature stores our earth. Look, who holds Khachqar, and you’ll understand everything.


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