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The Route Gomer – Berdateh

Mountain route from Apaga Tour
Gomer – Berdateh – Lagzi Pos – Gomer

Extension of the route is 3420m, time on the way 2,5h.
The route passes on the height of 1362m – 1677m.
The route is on horse.
It starts on the base of horse-sports complex Apaga-Gomer. The way is going threw the alpine meadow and rare forest.The object of the route is: Berdateh – ruined walls remained from the old stronghold, laying together from the huge stones, dispose around.
In the first part of the road the lifting threw alpine meadow Tandzu Tala till ancient burial place on the height of 1579m during 30 minutes, then lifting threw the forest on the height of 1677m till Berdtahe is waiting for the tourists. Further long calm lowering threw Lagzi Pos on the height of 1437m, threw the alpine meadow and lowering to the horse-sports complex Apaga-Gomer (height 1380m).


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