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The Route Gomer - Krana Takht

Trekking in the mountains

Hiking: Homer - Chanchi Kar - Crane Takht - Vans Cup - Homer

Route length 4200 m, time 2 hours. Khachkar
The route passes at altitudes of 1 380m - 980m.
Route is on foot.
Starts at the base of equestrian sports complex APAGA - Homer.
Almost the entire route passes through the forest. The purpose of the route Hach - a small church, lost in the beech forest, and amazing workshop khachkars with lots of whole and broken khachkars. Lack of roads to the church and cross stones, as well as the lack of information about these facilities in our publication in Armenia, have kept them intact.

In the first half of the way lovers trekking in the mountains waiting for the descent through the woods for 20 minutes to 1,238 m, then a small lift station on a footpath which runs alongside the cliffs to Chanchi Kar to 1,241 m. This is the fortress-like nest of swallows does not, inexplicably kept on cliff for more than two centuries. After Cianci Kar small (about 10 meters), but a steep climb to 1300 meters by footpath from the spring. Further, long quiet descent to Hacha and further to cross-stones to a height of 980m, a high light wood.
The second half of the path is a long, sometimes up to 45 degrees, climbing past the cave to the lonely cross-stone, not reaching Vance Capa, to a height of almost 1,260 m. The final leg of the journey to the equestrian complex APAGA - Homer (elevation 1,380 m) calm lift the edge of the canyon.

The route is medium difficulty.

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