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The Route - Red Path

One of the major tourist routes in Yenokavan (Active leisure)

This mountain route for active recreation (tourism) does not belong to the category of extended, but by the presence of sites on a single square meter of the way, it can create healthy competition in virtually every mountain path. The main feature of this segment - Grand Canyon Yenokavan and wonderful viewing platform with magnificent views of Khachkar in Yenokavan "Red Rocks" and deep - up to 300 meters - the mountain gorge. Along with magnificent examples of natural architecture of the route abounds and no less worthy creations of the human spirit, which, it should be noted, is blowing in this region since ancient times. Land Yenokavan hides under its surface traces of many eras. Evidence of this is the famous Astgh blur - Astral hill on the outskirts of the village, where during the excavations uncovered findings relating to the VI-IV centuries BC.

"Red Trail" begins at the old medieval chapel of St. Sarkis Church in Yenokavan. Armenia. (Small) St. Sarkis, located on the southern outskirts of the mountain village of Yenokavan. This area is a very large size of the necropolis with a variety of burial, often ornamented, plates, dating from the XII century. The chapel is located at an altitude of 1,080 meters. It has more than 10 cross-stones, and a place of worship for residents Yenokavan.

Unlike the trails Hermits, which is dominated by green cover, this mountain path runs along the edge of the red rock ledge. Hence, strictly speaking, the route name.

Deep gulf begins a few meters from the chapel of St. Sarkis. Straight out of the ground there gaping void, leading to the bottom of the first tier canyon. Locals call them "snake lazami. This place is likely to appeal to fans of rock climbing and active leisure (tourism). Here is the first observation deck with amazing views over the cliffs Hachahpyurskogo Valley. The road passes through a narrow "corridor Cyclops," with both sides limited rocky monoliths. Big Yenokavan canyon. Armenia which runs along the edge of the canyon route requires active leisure (tourism) limit discretion. The depth of the gorge at this point reaches 300 meters, but the beauty of pop-up landscape worthy of its extreme contemplation. It is here, and there is a second mountain lookout. In the gorge proudly soaring hawks, golden eagles - and the hosts of heaven eagles, the militant messenger of God Ara.

Further active leisure (tourism) is expecting a new challenge - the "Bridge of Satan." Must have the courage to step over the deep chasm that divides the route into two equal segments. Contrary to the apparent simplicity - the width of the abyss of about half a meter - to make it quite difficult. Devil's Bridge. Yenokavan. Armenia. Unsure of their own abilities lovers of active recreation (tourism) could simply bypass this site and meet with others in the immediate vicinity of the third observation platform. Hence, before the lovers of active tourism offering a panoramic view of two elongated ostantsevyh mountains. The wind, which in these parts often have hurricane force, practically sawed one of the rock mass into separate components and polished them to perfection.

Ap cave is situated on the edge of the canyon, and marks the end of the "Red Path". Here, active leisure (tourism) is expecting a "primitive comfort" - a rare opportunity to feel the image of a distant ancestor. Cave Ap. Yenokavan. Armeniya. In the middle of the cave - the hearth, where the fried meat. The walls of the cave form an incredible aura of natural calcite and sparkling shine.
Company Apaga Tour gives travelers and the possibility of spending the night in a cave. Astral memorable "conversation" - the contemplation of the starry sky right out of the grotto, which guarantees new experiences and maximum identification with the ancestors.

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