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The Route Gomer – Kanacher

Combined route from Apaga tour
Gomer – Kanacher (circular).

Extension of the route is 3600m, time on the way 3h. The route passes on the height of 1380m – 1146m, the best way for acclimatization/ Can be on foot, on horse or combined.
It starts on the base of horse-sports complex Apaga-Gomer. During the hole route forest alternate with meadows.
In the first part of the road is extensive lowering with the placed of the flat lifting. The object of the route Kanacher is the cave with the clean spring.After the cave (1146m) is lifting till 1260m duty 20 minutes, then the small lowering till 1234m and then one of the best part of the route – flat lifting threw the nut grove. During the route a small river is crossing (people who loves swimming can refresh in the stone font Garsevani Gel). And then returning to the initial point – Gomer.


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