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Leisure in Armenia

       In recent years in Armenia is observed a tourist boom, which began at 2001, when the entire Christian world celebrated the 1700- anniversary of the adoption of Christianity in Armenia as established religion. The pilgrims arrived from all ends of the planet into our country, desiring to rest in Armenia and with its eyes to see sole place on the Earth, where after his saint resurrection descended son of God - Jesus Christ!
      After this, a quantity of those who desiring to rest in Armenia, to the country, lying in the foot of covered with eternal snows biblical Ararat, grew with each year. According to the data of the national statistical service of the republic of Armenia, in 2004 260 thousand tourists visited Armenia. This is enormous number for our small state. And the quantity of tours into Armenia constantly grows.
       It is gratifying, that the increasing quantity of people from the number of those who desiring to rest in Armenia compose the amateurs not simple to take tour in Armenia and to pass on the bus on the noteworthy places for Armenia, but also to pass on it on foot, on the bicycle, on the horses, on skis… that is the amateurs of an active leisure (tourism), desiring to conduct its leave on nature, missed badly on the smell of smoke from the evening bonfire and the taste of the potato baked in the ashes…
      Such vacationers of Armenia require not in the luxurious hotels, not in the elegant restaurants. Direct contact with the local residents is more important for them, with which they will happy divide their simple, but ecologically completely clean supper. And night, carried out in the tent under the bright celestial sphere under noise of mountain little river, will recall entire following year, to following leave.
      Specifically, such romantics, understanding entire beauty of leisure in Armenia, are ready cordially to accept the colleagues of tourist firm “Apaga tour”, allowing unique tours into Armenia. Our experienced instructors will conduct you along the mountain and forest paths, they will help to ascend the highest point of Armenia - quadriceps Aragats and to go down into one of the most beautiful karstic caves of peace - “bear”. You will be conducted along the wild untrodden routes among surprising and diverse nature of Armenia.
       Vacationers in Armenia will be shown the surprising cave Lastiver not far from the village Enoqavan, in which it is possible by hours to admire the stone bas reliefs of unknown medieval masters, to and then dip into the cool and crystal clear waters of Khachaghpyur river. Then, after rising to Okon alpine pasture, where the peasants you fresh matsun,You can allow this luxury yourselves, as to stay in the absolute silence.You can stay here by yourselves in the unity with nature.


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