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Valentine's trail

"The route of trail lovers" new route
Route length: 5,500 m
Vertical drop: of 400 m
Journey time: about 4 hours
Hiking, horseback VansiKap
With this route due to a belief: if the beginning of the route split off a small pebble from flat plates and bring it to the spring, after putting on the footpath at the end of the way - a loved one at this point necessarily think of you. And on this path can make a wish at the "tree of love" - ​​and it's just celebrate!

Route begins at the western gate of the club "APAGA Homer" at the flat stone slabs, buried in the ground. The path runs through the forest sparsely past thickets of blackberries and wild rose, meadow with strawberries and mint bushes. Nekrutoy rise continues 450 m and leads to a meadow dotted with flowers from early spring until late autumn. Glade is bright green, red, yellow, purple, white, and with it a wonderful view of the gorge r.Hachahpyur. An ideal place for recreation, air and sun baths, meditation. Continuation of the path through the woods leads to the "Tree of Love" - ​​crossed to the trunks of which you have to put both hands and make a wish, which is exactly true. Then rise to become steeper and 500 m, we reach a stone ledge of the array VansiKap, which passes on the Path of the Hermit, but here we cross VansiKap at 80 m above. Quite a different appearance, different feeling. Many individual rocks and juniper. Excellent observation deck. With cornice visible petrified dragon and frozen in a tree shape guys and girls. Their history will tell you the conductors. This is a third way. Here you can arrange a camp or on the court at the eaves (if not too hot) or descend into the grotto, which locals call MamhutiEyr. The last part of the way - the rise of sparsely forest - comfortable in any weather, to spring on the border of alpine meadows around 2000 m. Here we have put in a stone path, brought from the bottom. Loved one will remember you at that moment! After the spring we go to the alpine meadows, rising to a height of 1780m to pasture PstiSar. Here a meeting with the shepherds, halt and a snack. Go back through PuchurSar - small woods and meadows, 2 500m. Convenient path, rises not.

The route can be "scaled" to the clearing - 900 m to MamhutiEyr - 1800m, returning along the same path - 6 000m.


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