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Walking combined Gomer - Makaravank

Route Gomer - Makaravank
Extension of the route is 18 km.
Vertical Drop: 1350 - 960 yards.
Travel time: 6-7 hours.

On the route we go through the northern gate of the base, 1300 meters above sea level. The road lies on the meadows and bluebell. Soon, looking back, you'll see a panorama of the base Gomer. On the road - a huge flat stones. They promised us to tell the story.

Weekend tours Armenia: We go to the Nor Hache, recently dug chapel 7 th century, and further along the path heading to the gorge.

The descent into the gorge at first flat, the road runs under the blue rocks, 1200 m above sea level, in places overgrown with moss, and climbing plants in some places, and this despite the fact that the court mid-December.

Then begins a steep, sometimes very steep descent to 1,065 m above sea level. Vertical Drop this site is 140 m.

At the bottom runs a small rivulet, which dries in summer, and does not freeze in winter, because of its numerous springs feed. Here, particularly humid microclimate and growing ferns and lily even in winter. Active tourism and leisure Armenia lift on the opposite slope of the gorge is not less steep than the descent. The slope is covered with beech woods and on the dense carpet of fallen leaves sprinkle of nuts. Of course, this does not pine nuts, but quite edible. And here we are at the top and in front of us an amazing stone window Zak Kar (holey stone) which offers a breathtaking view stretching far down the forest, 1171m.

Hiking, trekking, climbing, Armenia The road goes down, then up (to 1350 m above sea level), dodging between the mountain hills. Before us is a fringe of the forest with bushes and thorns of barberry, the mighty lonely handsome, and even destruction of farms, around which the horses graze in freestyle.

We must have patience and continue their journey, and when it begins to seem that the ascent and descent is not the end, before you open the magnificent panorama. You will see not only the nearest mountain and a huge reservoir, part of which already lie outside Armenia. In good weather away high in the sky soars Great Caucasus Mountains. Active Tourism and Leisure Armenia.

A little more ... and you will see the monastery at the bottom, on a hillside Paytatap. Impatience to see it close will give you strength and you are at the gates of the monastery Makaravank, 10-12 cc, 1000 m above sea level.

Monastryr Makaravank Armenia excursion to the Monastery will guide, and we offer just a few photographs.

At the base back on the car.


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