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"Golden Triangle" horse riding tour + excursions

Duration – 14 days, 9 days en route, height 1200-1900m, highest point en route – 2700m. Average time on horseback during day – 5 hours max. passage 8 hours + 5 days of excursion.

Day 1. Arrival to Yerevan, meeting at Zvatnots Airport, general excursion in Yerevan (Republic Square, Opera, Cascade, Blue Mosque). Leaving Yerevan to lake Sevan direction (Sevan monastery, photosession), transition to Enokavan. Accommodation by 2 in small houses or in cottages. Dinner.

Day 2. Breakfast. Seeing stable, selecting horses, arena, riding 1-1.5 hours Gomer - Servansikhach (castle). Going back to base for lunch. Lunch. Walking tour to workshop of khachkars KranaTakht. Going back to base, dinner, preparations for tour. Overnight in base.

Day 3. Breakfast. Preparations to leave for tour (no later than 12:00) Tour Gomer – Khasnakar (wood, gorges, rocks. Time of Mint and Charbec harvesting, huge blue fields of Charbec). Overnight in camp or in shepherds houses. Travel time 5-6 hours.

Day 4. Khaskanar – Dzianu Urt. Going out from wood. Fields, time of grass blossoming, very beautiful. Heights of about 1800 – 1900m. Trip length 7 hours. Placing of camp near shepherds houses.

Day 5. Dzianu Urt – Tsakhkashat. Trip time 4-5 hours. Fields, going down to copses. Camp near Tsakhkashat. Closer to civilization, hot shower and some shopping available.

Day 6. Day in Tsakhkashat. In the morning walking down to Alkhat monastery (Huge monastery complex, very beautiful and unusual). Lunch at cafe is available. Than tracking to Sanain monastery (2 hours) and even more impressive sightseeing, completely different building. Again cafe is available, souveniers, shop, than going up to camp (through wood with quite steep uphill). This part of the route takes 1.5-2 hours of walking. It is possible to go to Tsakhkashat by taxi. Very full and beautiful day.

Day 7. Tsakhkashat – Khachbulakh. Nomad camp, shepherds, cows, dogs, vegetable garden. Great people! They’ll feed with tasty food and will tell a lot of interesting stories mainly about wolves. Trip of about 5 hours. Altitudes of about 1500-1600m.

Day 8. Khachbulakh – Papakhkar. Climbing up, some rocks are appearing, big herds of cows. about 6 hours on the ways. Overnight is available at shepherds houses.

Day 9. Going down to Agartsin monastery on the horseback (forced crossing of river, quite steep uphill and than downhill, time to monastery max. 1 hour). We will leave horses on the trout farm near monastery. Horses will have a rest there. Seeing the monastery (it has been heavily renovated last year). Lunch on the trout farm. Shower available. Trip to Dilijan by taxi is available (17 km, there is beautiful street of old town, town museum, pizzeria). Going back to Papakhkar.

Day 10. Papakhkar – Lerank – Kamut. Highest part of the tour - about 2700m. On the route – place of meteorite drop, highest point of the tour were we need to be by 11 in the morning and if the wether is good we can see Caucasus Mountain Ridge, Sevan and Ararat. Than going down to pasture in Kamut ( depending on the weather conditions we can walk on the mountain ridge under it or almost at the bottom, completely different views and feelings. Walking time no less than 7 hours. Overnight in Kamut (camp or houses whichever preferable).

Day 11. Kamut – Gomer. In the morning you can quickly go to “Snow Pit”, bathe in very cold river and than go to Gomer. Depending on physical tiredness we can go directly – through Okon (apiary, church Okonokhach, river Khachakhpyur), or via Berzener (place were copper was mined). difference between route – 2 hours. In second half of the day we’re going back to base. Warm welcome, dinner, hot showe, sauna, Spa etc.)

Day 12. Going to Yerevan. Excursion to heathen temple Garni and rock monastery Gekhard. Small tracking in Azat gorge, very beautiful and unusual. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 13. Free day in Yerevan. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 14. Excursion to Etchmiatdzin – cathedral, museum and treasure house with unique relics of Christianity. Majestic temple of Zvartnots. Then transfer to airport.

Tour price 1 135 Euro, includes:
  • DBL accommodation in cottages (1,2 and 11), 3 star hotel (12, 13) and camp.
  • Meal FB day 1-11, BB – 12,13,
  • All transfers,
  • Guide and stableman service.


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